White tea is honored with the reputation of "one-year tea, three-year aging, seven-year treasure". The aged white tea with long time of storage is gentle and stable with full and mellow aroma. Whether being brewed or boiled, it can eliminate the dryness and heat in the autumn and summer instead of feeling cold, so it is very suitable for girls who love teas. The white tea is produced naturally with abundant nutrients retained in the tea, so it is good for health to drink white tea in autumn.

Black tea tastes soft, sweet and mellow, and it is widely enjoyed by a lot of people, especially girls who love teas. Black tea can help enhancing qi to relieve depression, refreshing and reducing fatigue, improving appetite and digestion. Milk, red dates, ginger slices, etc. can be added in black tea. The temperature difference between day and night will increase in autumn, so drinking black tea is also particularly friendly to women with blood deficiency or cold hands and feet.

With the taste of time left behind, tea leaves become more mild with richer aroma and more mellow tea soup. For the oily daily diets, drinking one cup of Pu’er tea about half an hour to one hour after meal will help promoting digestion.   The temperature gradually turns down in autumn, so drinking a pot of mildly ripe Pu’er tea can warm the body and mind at the moment.

Oolong tea belongs to a semi-fermented tea between the green tea and black tea. The hydrating function is superior to that of boiled water. The tea polyphenols, iron, calcium and other minerals in the tea can play the obvious effect of hydration and moisture. Oolong Tea has a good alleviating effect on various discomforts such as the dryness in autumn, and it can help women replenish water with better moisture effect. The nature of Oolong tea is mild but not cold, so drinking aromatic tea can refresh the body against the physical and mental fatigue in autumn.