In fact, you can drink both, but it is more recommended to drink aged white tea in winter. Because of the cool nature of raw white tea and the mild nature of aged white tea, aged white tea will be more suitable for winter warming and maintenance than raw white tea.

   So, what are the other benefits of drinking aged white tea in winter?

  • Cold Prevention

   Drinking tea can refresh the mind, refreshing, enhance memory; and stimulate the secretion of gastric juices, help digestion, enhance appetite, eliminate bad breath eliminate fatigue, promote metabolism.

   In the cold winter, you brew a cup of light or strong white tea. However, this time the temperature of the tea must be high Oh ~ that is, we usually say that the hot tea heart a sip is simply a warm sun in the winter!

  • Relief of dryness

   The winter weather is cold so fat to protect the cold has become a daily routine, fire has become a health problem that plagues many people, bringing constipation, dry mouth and other problems, and then you can turn to white tea.

  • Weight loss effectiveness

   White tea is the most back to nature, the most ecological, the most healthy tea, formed the unique quality style of white tea velvet hair dense phi, white as silver, hair fragrance, soup taste fresh and crisp, with excellent pharmacological functions and white tea efficacy.

   Therefore, it can remove fire, quench thirst, eliminate food and phlegm, and can lower blood lipids and prevent hardening of blood vessels, easy to catch fire, love smoking and drinking, and fat people are more suitable for drinking white tea.

  • Clearing heat and detoxifying

   White tea has both the fresh and natural floral aroma of green tea and the mellow nourishment of black tea. It has the effect of emollient, throat moistening, and body building, which allows the organism to adapt to the changes of the natural environment.

   White tea can clear the heat and relieve the heat, strengthen the spleen and calm the mind, and has a good effect on preventing stomach pain. Aged white tea can clear heat and detoxify the body, refresh the mind and quench thirst, and is ideal for sore throats, etc. It is also good for preventing influenza.

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