Although coffee and tea are both popular health drinks around the world, but there is a clear difference between them, attentive observation, you will find that coffee and tea have many differences, and the impact of coffee and tea on the human body are also different, today let you know which is healthier coffee and tea ~

  1. Although coffee and tea are common drinks, but they are not the same raw materials, coffee is people to mature coffee beans after grinding, get coffee, and then with by boiling to get the unique drink. And tea is people collect the fragrant underwear of the tea tree, after drying, empty mouth and a variety of processing processes to get the dry tea, he can be directly brewed with boiling water when drinking.
  2. The taste and flavor of coffee and tea are also different. Coffee has a strong coffee aroma, and there is a certain amount of burnt aroma Rui exist, it will make people feel distinctly bitter and mellow when brewing and drinking. It brewed coffee color is also darker, mostly dark brown, while the taste and flavor of tea is more fresh and crisp, the bitterness is relatively light, and the brewed tea broth is clear and transparent.

Coffee and tea which is healthier

  1. Coffee and tea have a variety of benefits to the human body, coffee contains caffeine can refresh the brain, relieve manpower, mental fatigue and weakness, and can keep people's minds active, when people work overtime for a long time, drink more coffee can keep people energetic, and can improve work efficiency. Although tea also has the effect of refreshing the brain, but its this effect and coffee compared to much worse.
  2.  From the nutritional value, tea is much higher than coffee, people can absorb most of the nutrients after brewing and drinking tea, in this regard, the impact of tea on human health, more outstanding than coffee, because the main nutrition in coffee is only caffeine, while tea is rich in vitamins and lutein, but also contains some amino acids on a variety of minerals beneficial to the human body, it can not only refresh the brain can also be Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory can also prevent three high to improve the body's digestive function.