• Crush to Brew

Carefully crush the orange pu, put the tangerine peel and tea leaves into the pot, wash the tea, pay attention to fast-in and fast-out because the crushed tea will be soaked very quickly. This brewing method is applicable to both green tangerines and red tangerines. 

  • Brew without Cover

Uncover the "lid" of the orange pu, poke a hole in the bottom with a tea needle, and slowly pour water inside so that the tea water can slowly seep out of the bottom. This brewing method is more suitable for Xiaoqinggan and the amount of one block is just enough.

  • Brew with Nine-Hole

Evenly poke nine holes on the orange pu with a tea needle, put it into the pot, and directly pour water inside. This brewing is more suitable for Xiaoqinggan in terms of the amount.

  • Tangerine peel

It can be used to make tea, boil tea, cook porridge and soup or other dishes. You can add it to whatever you like to blend the flavors and make it warm and nourishing. 

Highly recommended: