1.Green Tea

The best temperature to brew green tea is 80℃-85℃. Generally speaking, the first tea brewing contains most of the endoplasm of green tea, so the first or second tea brewing tastes best with the most tea essence and flavors.

2.Black Tea

The first brewing of black tea often fails to activate the tea to the best state, but the second and third brewing are usually regarded as the most precious ones with best taste. Of course, for the high-quality black tea, different brewing will bring different flavor and aroma, but the second and third brewing should not usually be missed.

3.Oolong Tea

Take Tieguanyin Tea as an example.

The Tieguanyin tea leaves will not fully unfolded until three times of brewing, so that  the aroma can be diffused. But the real high fragrance will not be smelled until the fourth brewing, so the essence usually comes out in the fourth brewing.

4.White Tea

It’s better to brew white tea with white porcelain bowl with cover and boiling water so as to wake up the tea first and fully unfold the tea leaves; in the third and fourth brewing, the tea leaves keep absorbing water and all the substances will be precipitated. So, the aroma and taste are the most natural at the moment.

It can be seen that the taste of white tea is the best in the third and fourth brewing and it can be brewed as many as seven to eight times. If it’s boiled after brewing, the tea leaves can fully release the endoplasm with more fragrant and mellow taste.

5.Yellow Tea

Yellow tea is generally featured with tenderness, freshness, uniformity and purity. It’s better to brew in 90℃ water from 30 seconds to one minute. Leave one-third of tea soup in the cup after drinking and the tea tastes best usually in the third or fourth brewing. It should not be brewed too many times, normally 5-6 times will do.

6.Dark Tea

For the sake of better preservation, dark tea is mostly sealed in the form of compacted tea cake. It’s recommended to wash the tea with boiling water at 100°C to filter out the impurities. The first two brewing may be mixed with the stuffy taste resulting in the production process. After the third and fourth brewing, the tea leaves will be fully unfolded and the aroma will be completed released. 

Generally speaking, the third and fourth brewing of dark tea taste better and the tea can also be brewed for as many as ten times. However, the tea soup may contain more smell of water in the last brewing.