A Treasure Island


  Taiwan is located off the southeast to Fujian Province. Taiwan has a unique topographical feature. It’s high in the middle and low around. The central mountain range runs through the whole province. Nantou County is situated in the middle of Taiwan, and it is the only inland county of Taiwan. This place is favored with rich resources, clear sky, high mountains, magnificent scenery and outstanding talents.




  Charm of this island lies not only on the sunshine, beach,ocean waves and cactus, but also the high mountains, vast territory and memorable scene of the elders brewing tea that reminds people of the old Nantou County.






Origin of Taiwan Tea


  The tea tree cultivars in Taiwan are brought here by immigrants from Fujian more than 200 years ago. Tea manufacturing techniques were firstly taught by Fujian masters from the very beginning. Currently, all the tea manufacturing techniques for Oolong, Baozhong and other tea varieties in Taiwan are originated from Fujian, China.



Tea Plucking

Dong Ding Oolong

Legend has it that in 1855, the fifth year of Xianfeng Period of Qing Dynasty, villager Lin Fengchi from Lugu Village of Nantou went to Fujian for school. When he came back, he brought 36 Wuyi Oolong saplings and planted them on Dong Ding Mountain. It then developed into Dong Ding Tea Garden we see today.

In the inheritance of the hundred-year tea manufacturing techniques, “Dong Ding Oolong” represents the“light-fragrance Oolong” and semi-sphere Baozhong tea. We can observe from the prevailing fame of “Wenshan in the North, Dong Ding in the South”. Traditional Dong Ding Oolong has an obvious roasted flavor, and there’s also light roasted Oolong tea. Standard Dong Ding Oolong is made with one bud and two leaves. The color is blackish green. After brewed, the water turns into bright yellow green. The taste is sweet and profound. The tea leaves would unfold and curl with gray spots on the surface. The middle part of the leave is light green, while the edges are red, as is called “red edge with green leaf”.

Preliminary manufacturing by an tea artisan
Refined manufacturing by an tea artisan
Fun of Drinking Tea

The southerners drink tea all day long, young and old. They’d invite friends to join for tea-gathering with lots of enthusiasm. The atmosphere sometimes witty and relaxing though at times it shows some tension. This is the true nature of southerners. In their mind, the perfect timing for tasting Dong Ding Oolong lasts only a few seconds. It might be a brief moment for human-beings, but it’s the oolong’s eternity and thus everyone appreciate and cherish it very much.  






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