The fragrance of osmanthus, from tea
A heavy rainfall, a cool day, a night into autumn.
The rain beats the laurel branches, the ground turns all gold.
Late at night and quiet, step into the yard, fairy romance, seeking the fragrance under the moon.
If someone asks, "Which tea belongs in autumn?"
People will reply, "Autumn water Guanyin."
And I think that
The cup of tea in autumn
I believe that the tea that caresses the hearts of mortals is the cinnamon oolong tea.

Osmanthus has been loved by the people of China throughout the ages.
The "Gui" in Fugui and the "Gui" in Guihua are homophonic.
People have always liked to plant osmanthus trees in front of their houses.
Nowadays, with all the traffic and tall buildings.
It is difficult to find a quiet place in life of ordinary people, except in the mountains and parks.

In an relaxing afternoon or at a leisurely dusk .

I love to make a cup of osmanthus oolong tea.

Let the fragrance and sweetness of this tea

soothe my busy and tired heart.

TenFu 's Tea Osmanthus Oolong Tea

Specially adopted lightly fermented oolong with fresh osmanthus flowers, a layer of tea and a layer of flowers.

Let the oolong tea and the fresh osmanthus flowers mix well together.

After the tea and flowers are well blended, the tea is piled up and left to rest.

The tea is then repeatedly mandied to take advantage of the tea's inherent ability to absorb odours. The dried tea retains a small amount of dried flowers to enhance the aroma.

Take an appropriate amount of Osmanthus Oolong tea and place it in a pot.

When brewed with boiling water, the tea leaves spread out, dance beautifully and fill the room with fragrance.

The tea soup is golden in colour and sweet in the mouth.

Spreading the fragrance of golden osmanthus

Year after year the blossoms look alike, while people never remain the same.

Every season has its own seasonal expectations, doesn't it?