Golden 25 Degrees North Latitude-An Amazing Latitude Line

It is on the border between the temperate zone and the tropical zone, in which the climate is comfortable. And Anxi County, China Tea Capital, is exactly on the golden line.  

Located in the southeast coast of Fujian Province, Anxi County is the hometown of Oolong Tea in China. As the birthplace of Tieh Kwan Yin, its favorable geographical location and climate conditions are suitable for the growth of Tieh Kwan Yin. Anxi set an advanced cultivation techniques of high quality Tieh Kwan Yin that earns its name.



Tieh Kwan Yin——Aggregation of natural essence

Tieh Kwan Yin is a gift from nature, which combines characteristic of nature and culture. Ancient myths and legends endowe Tieh Kwan Yin with reputation and mysterious color. When the sowing season sets in, the air of Anxi County is filled with the delicate fragrance of Tieh Kwan Yin.
The simple Anxi tea masters uphold the inheritance of traditional tea craft and culture. They strictly observe the precious experience that was passed down from generation to generation only for the unique sense of Tieh Kwan Yin- Orchid fragrance and lingering charm.


Before one tastes the sweet morning dew, he smells the wonderful divine fragrance


When dropping compact, tea leaves that curled into ball shape into a teapot, the crisp sound is like a prelude of a great music is about to begin. Pouring 90℃ hot water into the teapot, watching tea leaves stretch in the water and the refreshing fragrance start to perfume the air.

The spirit of this old city is embodied in this little cup of Tieh Kwan Yin tea . The tea not only delivers its flavor, but also the great taste and warmth of the city.




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