When it comes to famous teas,source constitutes a essential topic,such as the West Lake Longjing in Hangzhou and Dongting Lake Bi Lo Chun in Suzhou.However, jasmine tea is an exception. The tea after primary processing can withstand long-distance transportation, but the life of  fresh flowers is as short as several hours after being picked. Therefore, where there are jasmine flowers,there is the jasmine tea producing region.

Originated from Fuzhou

Jasmine has been cultivated in Fuzhou for more than 200 years. The climate in Fuzhou is hot and humid in summer,where also has sufficient sunlight and fertility soil.Superior natural conditions create an ideal environment for the healthy growth of plants. The jasmine flowers planted there are fragrant .Thus the tea scented with Fuzhou jasmine flowers  is famous for  excellent quality.

Thriving in Hengxian County

With the acceleration of urbanization in Fuzhou, the planting areas of jasmine has gradually decreased. Hengxian Couty in Guangxi emerged as a  prime planting region of jasmine. Accounting for more than 80% of total jasmine output, it is designated as the "Hometown of Jasmine”. 

The jasmine flowers produced in Hengxian are mostly double-petaled with high yield, aromatic and strong disease resistance. The flowers are well-known for the unique features of early flowering , long florescence, big buds, pureness and plumpness as well as strong aroma. The jasmine tea scented there has fragrant , long-lasting  flavor and long durability.

Widespread in Beijing 

The Palace Museum,formerly known as the Forbidden City is located on the central point along Beijing's central axis.It was treated as The Royal Palace in Ming and Qing Dynasties.Empress Dowager Ci Xi, who wielded the most power of the Qing Dynasty, had a special preference for jasmine. Perhaps that’s why jasmine tea could become the royal tribute tea.

Get up in the morning and boil a pot of water, add a handful of jasmine tea once the water boiled.The jasmine flower perfume the air for an instant.The fragrance of jasmine tea revives the vibrant hustle and bustle of this historical city.
Jasmine tea is not only a elegant rouyal tribute but also a necessity for the mass. Until now, jasmine tea still plays an integral part of people’s lives. For those who grew up with the fragrance of jasmine flowers, the aroma not only remind them of hometown but also the happy memory of that time.