Tea storage should six principles as follows, please make self-check first:

   Tea is properly sealed for package, away from direct sunlight, moisture, odor, and high temperature, stored in refrigerator if necessary.

Green tea: earthenware jars, porcelain altars, iron pots

Unsuitable for long-term storage, it’s better to finish within the year. Store in the refrigerator and keep it properly sealed to prevent the tea oxidized to turn brown.

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Yellow tea: stored in tin cans and iron cans in refrigerator

It is better to finish within a short time, store at a temperature of about 5°C, and keep in refrigerator.

White tea: moisture-proof bag + tin foil + corrugated box

White tea will be more mellow if being stored longer. The package must be properly sealed for better transformation later.

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Dark green tea: Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture in tin cans, iron cans or porcelain cans

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Black tea: Properly sealed in dryness, keep away from direct sunlight and high temperature; keep it stored separately 

Tin foil paper or tin foil cans, purple clay cans

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Pu-Erh Tea: Keep in good ventilation and dryness, no peculiar smell, keep it stored at room temperature

Packed with good air permeability such as kraft paper and leather paper

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Once taking tea from the refrigerator, keep the tea temperature in the pot back to the room temperature before taking it out, otherwise it is easy to condense moisture and increase the moisture content of the tea, resulting in deterioration of the remaining tea.