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2024 Best Premium First Flush Ming Qian LongJing Green Tea

50 g | $58.30

Longjing tea takes buds and leaves as raw materials. It has the characteristics of fresh fragrance, delicious taste, fresh green leaf base and clear soup color.The earliest batch of tea...

2024 Early Spring Longjing Classic Kraft Paper Packaging 200g

200 g | $68.56

Traditional kraft paper bag, large capacity family pack, a pack of 200 grams.Longjing tea is famous for it's fresh aroma, sweet, fresh taste, fresh green leaf base, and yellow-green soup...

天福茗茶 新茶绿茶 四川峨眉山高山茶春茶 竹香绿茶明前100g

No code required,High-mountain, vegetal, refreshing

低至 $68.49

Hand-picked delicate tea buds from cool,misty high mountain Emei in early March, Zhu Ye Qing(Bamboo Green) is a rare pure bud green tea. Experience a grassy, mild aroma and vegetal,creamy taste that brings you instant spring serenity, with a clean,sweet finish

天福茗茶 龙井茶绿茶茶叶 新昌茶鲜叶 100G精装 新茶礼盒

100 g | $198.00


天福茗茶 浙江龙井茶 新茶铝罐装 绿茶春茶早春明前50g

No code required,Supreme,chest nut,sweet

50 g | $89.99

As one of the top 10 famous teas in China,Longjing tea features four characteristics:a vibrant green color, rich aroma, mellow taste and graceful shape,The ancients highly revered it"as sweet and fragrant as an orchid,as tasteless as water whilst as rich as all taste lingers in the mouth,the tastelessness turns out to be richness". Enjoying longjing tea is an art more than drinking a beverage; just as the compliment goes"It's beyond the appreciation of a painting and beyond the recitation of a poem".

天福茗茶早春碧螺春四川峨眉高山绿茶 新茶100克

No code required,One of Top 10 famous Chinee teas

100 g | 低至 $68.99

As one of China's top 10 famous teas,Bi Luo Chun is famed for its full taste and rich aroma.The tea estate is surrounded by fruit trees creates Bi Luo Chun's famous fruity-floral flavor.
60 to 70 thousands buds can only make 500g of finished Bi Luo Chun.This tea is picked in the early spring, the tender tea leaves are coated in fluffy white hairs.

天福茗茶 黄山毛峰茶叶 绿茶绿茶 春茶 散装70g

70 g | $25.99$22.99


天福茗茶 毛峰茶叶 新茶 绿茶实惠装150g袋装

Fresh and sweet 、Mellow、Smooth

150 g | $19.49

Finest quality – Made of 100% whole loose tea leaves cultivated from single origins.
Delicious and healthy - Made without artificial ingredients,natural antioxidants.
Great-tasting with a fresh flavor, smooth taste and enticing aroma.Enjoy it as traditional hot tea or iced tea. Packed with aluminum foil lining to maintain freshness

2024 First Flush Ming Qian Westlake Dragon Well Long Jing

100 g | $242.99

The West Lake lung ching (dragon well) green tea is most precious when picked in early season. It is hand-picked to ensure freshness from the first step of fabrication, and...

天福茗茶 明前龙井茶 龙井茶叶 浙江特产 早春绿茶

No code required ,Entry-level, orchid & Chestnut

100 g | $40.99

Grown in the shady, misty environment of TenFu's Zhejiang Tea Garden, this early spring dragon well long jing steeps ethereal notes of vegetal with hints of roasted chesnut.
This classic Chinese green tea is a daily ritual you’re going to love. It’s fresh, energizing and super easy to drink.

天福茗茶 绿茶龙井茶 正宗明前龙井茶 早春茶 100g

No code required,Tender, refreshing, no bitterness even over steeped

100 g | $56.99

A supreme, fresh green tea of one of China’s top famous teas picked in early spring 2021. A sweet, roasted chestnut flavour, and a light, floral, green-fresh taste.Plus it’s packed with all the energizing antioxidants and health benefits green tea is known for.

天福茗茶 崂山绿茶春茶 山东青岛特产茶叶100G

100 g | $24.99

老山(老山)是位于中国山东省东南海岸线的一座山。它是山东省第二高山。它的山景和海景和谐共存。该地区的绿茶是通过用山泉水灌溉来种植的,只有嫩芽才被选作生产。煎至完美。叶子的形状是卷曲的,深绿色,带有淡淡的大豆香气。 香气炒豆酒黄绿色

2024 New tea Zhejiang Longjing tea 150G

150 g | $39.89

Longiing is a kind of green tea, which is mainly produced in Zhejiang Province on the east coast of China.Longjing tea is unfermented during production, preserving a high concentration of phenolic compounds, amino acids, and other nutrients. It exhibits properties such as heat-clearing and detoxification, blood pressure and fat reduction, brain refreshing and awakening, antioxidation and anti-radiation effects, making it widely favored.

天福茗茶 新茶 早春龙井茶 浙江绿茶明前春茶 罐装100

100 g | $38.50


天福茗茶 峨嵋珍绿茶 四川高山绿茶叶 铁罐装100G

100 g | $89.49

Early spring green tea is picked before Qing Ming(on April 5th),this day divides the premium green tea because its rich natural nutrients,sugar and little yields.Zhu Ye Zhen is one of the...

天福茗茶 明前四川绿茶 峨眉山茶叶 盒装120g

2023 first flush, hand-picked full bud green tea

120 g | $92.49


2024 Supreme Early Spring Longjing Tea 100G

100 g | $50.66

Longjing tea is famous for its fresh aroma, sweet, fresh taste, fresh green leaf base, and yellow-green soup color.In Longjing tea, there are a lot of caffeine and theophylline and...

2024 Yunnan Pekoe Snow Sprout Green Tea 100G

100 g | $39.89

Yunnan large leaf green tea has the advantages of heavy tea taste and more foam resistance. The tea taste is fresh, mellow and sweet, quick and lasting, and the aroma...

2024 Zhejiang Anji Green Tea Anji Bai Cha 100G

100 g | $60.93

Anji white tea is a famous green tea.the"white" in its name refers to the rare tea tree whose tender leaves are all white. Also,the tea leaves will also appear in...

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