What teas go with moon cake the best? Drinking tea with moon cake is very soothing

Mid-Autumn Day, a peaceful holiday that symbolize reunion of family.

When Mid-Autumn Festival arrives, full moon is up, shining and bright. It represents unification for those who are away from home pursuing dreams. Families should all get together. That’s way it is also called. Reunion Day.

Mid-Autumn Festival is the day families and friends reunite. It’s also a very poetry and romantic day throughout Chinese history.

Observing the full moon up high in the sky while brewing a pot of tea and accompanied by beloved family members, is one of the most pleasurable moment in our lives.

Enjoy a cup of tea while appreciates the moon is the most romantic way to spend Mid-Autumn Festival.

Tea is a communication through heart.

One will never get tired of drinking tea.

During almost every holiday, a feast is inevitable and people tend to be tired of the greasiness of heavy foods.

But, tea is not one of them. It is like a new in-loved couple, full of romance and yet freshness that you will never be tired of.

Under pale moon light , the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival is dull when there are only moon cakes present. With the company of tea, it completes everything with a hinge of great aroma.

Healthier, tea and moon cake together

For those who are pursuing health, tea is always one of the ancient wisdoms that one can easily get hands on nowadays. It provides hope, beauty, motivation, inner-quality, and all of above are priceless.  

Rule of thumb, moon cake and tea pairing.

Very sweet moon cakes go with green / white tea  

Red/ Azuki bean,lotus seed, moon cakes are often very sweet. Pairing with green/white tea or mint tea is a good choice. These teas help improve glucose metabolism. Black tea is another good alternative. Sweet moon cake can bring out the flavor and aroma in black teas. It also helps digestion. White tea benefits are awesome. Green tea benefits are excellent as well.

Savory moon cakes pairing with chrysanthemum infusion/tisane or pu-erh (Puer, Puerh, or Pu’erh) tea,

Nuts and savory moon cakes have oil from meat, nuts or egg yolks, thus, strong-taste teas are a way to ease the greasiness from moon cake. It helps digestion as well. Chrysanthemum infusion is also a great herbal alternative to tea. The floral tisane is much like chamomile. It’s calming and soothing benefits are one of a kind.

Savory and sweet moon cakes pairing with oolong

Savory and sweet moon cakes are only the light side of taste. Oolong’s orchid and nut like flavor creates a good balance for the moon cakes. Oolong is great for all kinds of mixed flavor moon cakes. Thanks to the great oolong tea benefit.

Dessert style moon cakes

Traditional moon cakes or dessert moon cakes such us chocolate moon cakes can be paired with tisanes like rose and chamomile,or scented tea like jasmine tea. These teas help reduces greasiness.

Ice cream moon cakes pairing with black tea

Ice cream moon cakes often have outer layers that are chewy and firm. Ingredients are dairy products, fruits, bean paste, or yogurt. They are good pairing with black teas that won’t diminish moon cakes’ original flavor. Black tea is good for creating a great balance in ice cream type of dessert.