No tea, no pleasure·

This cup of tea fills lips and teeth with jasmine fragrance 

In the afternoon, The sun pours from the window Make a pot of warm jasmine tea Enjoy the rare afternoon alone in peace Feel the laziness in the spring Everything is just right

Drinking tea is a comfort Chinese

Different tea has different flavor What I often drink is jasmine tea It seems ordinary, but the taste is not dull Good jasmine tea is enough to conquer captious taste buds

TenFu's Shuanghao Silver Tip Jasmine Tea Chinese

This is a good tea that makes me feel really fragrant with jasmine As soon as open the lid you can smell the fragrance of jasmine and the freshness of green tea The tea leaves stretch slowly in the boiling water I breathe the smell of jasmine in the air before drinking Take a sip, your mouth is full of the taste of fresh and sweet After brewing four or five times, the fragrance of tea does not decrease This is a taste that needs to be polished by time

The raw material of Tenfu’s tea is made by jasmine flowers picked in dog days During this period, the aroma and essential oil content of Jasmine are very high It is said that one kilo of tea can be made without four kilos Repeated scenting allows the tea to fully absorb the aroma Drinking such good tea will make the whole person have ease of mind



Leisure and comfortable time is something I want to have a little longer and more