When we drink tea every day, besides the indispensable tea ware such as teapot, teacup, cover bowl, there is still a very important item not to be ignored, the tea towel. It is also a detail to be noted in the tea making process, especially in the reception of people, guests, the use of tea towel is particularly important.

The role of tea towel

  Tea towel is an indispensable utensil in the whole process. Tea ceremony follows the thought of “guest standard”, while a tea towel is the carrier that expresses respect to the guest. The true connotation of tea towel is the desired way it possesses to entertain a guest.

 Tea towel is to wipe tea or water stains on the outside or bottom of tea ware. The frequent use of tea towel to wipe the tea ware such as the bottom of pot, glass and cup is to prevent at any time the water taken by these parts from slipping into tea soup while pouring tea so as to make drinkers produce unclean feelings.

How to choose tea towel of good quality

  While choosing tea towel, we should choose the one with strong water absorption and all-cotton fabric, and keep it dry and clean for the purpose of absorbing the water that remains on tea ware, and not sticking the hair of tea towel on tea ware.

How do you use a tea towel?

   Here what needs to emphasize to everyone is that: do not use tea towel for dishcloth. If the tea towel is regarded as a dishcloth, it is against the elegant and pure character of the tea. The tea towel is for special use and should not be mixed with others.
  Tea lovers should have a certain understanding of the role and usage of tea towel so far. Actually not only tea towel, every tea ware contains abundant tea culture. A small tea towel contains the unparalleled hospitality. Tasting tea with guests, you can show your wisdom and conservation as a tea lover through this tea towel.