Ever wondered how to make milk tea? Here is a simple milk tea recipe that shows how you can make this beverage at home!

While drinking milk tea, do you worry about too much sugar and additives?Don't worry!In this recipe,all ingredients are natural and low calories:milk,tea and sweetener(optional).



Tieh Kwan Yin

Top-selling Anxi Faint Fragrant Tieh Kwan Yin

 Whole Milk


Fresh Water


Ice Cubes

few cubes



Let’s Get Started! 

1.Boil the water 

2.Add 6g tea leaves 

3.Keep boiling for 2 minutes 

4.Strain and pour into a glass 

5.Mix with whole milk 

6.Extra honey or simple syrup if you like a sweet tea

7.Use for cold or hot drinks 

The floral aroma is sweet and healing 

Enjoy Your Homemade Tea Time !

Tasty Tea Mixed Well

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