Every piece of tea is hard-won, and it has been carefully taken care of by people at different stages before it is presented to us. Even after experiencing brewing and dedicating the essence of its life, it becomes tea dregs, but it can still play its last value and add a beauty to our life.

  • Put it in the pot soil as fertilizer

After making tea, many people like to put tea leaves in the soil of the pot, which is a very good habit, tea residue is very good to have nutrients humus raw materials, but also conducive to the surface soil of the potting soil is not watered wash slab.

But remember, tea leaves need to be rotted before use.

  • Making tea pillows

Brewed tea leaves to spread on the floor to dry, after accumulating a certain amount of pounding can be made pillow core.

Use tea pillows can help relieve the pressure on the neck. Tea leaves have adsorption, summer heat is easy to sweat, so the pillow made of soaked tea leaves can also help prevent eczema.

  • foot soak

Go to a pedicure place to soak feet, usually will come a milk, ginger ----- now you can put some tea. In the tea contains tea polyphenols, which can help sterilize and remove odors.

Therefore, the soaked tea can also be reused, boil a little thicker in the foot bath used to soak feet, can play a very good role.

  •  Repel mosquitoes and insects

Similarly, the brewed tea leaves will be dried in the sun, and you can light the tea leaves at dusk when there are many mosquitoes. This way can repel both mosquitoes and bedbugs.

  • Bath tea

Wrap the tea residue in a gauze bag, then put it in the bath water, soak it for 20 minutes can make the skin better and better, promote blood circulation in the body and eliminate fatigue.

  •  Avoiding egg spoilage

What is the best way to prevent eggs from spoiling? Not by putting them in rice. You can dry the tea leaves and then bury the eggs deep in the tea residue and find a cool, dry place to put them.

  • Doing housework

Used tea can also be used to do housework Oh, whether it is to wipe the mirror, glass doors and windows, furniture, etc., can be wrapped in gauze tea, as a cleaning goodies.

  • make eye mask

Eye mask can relieve fatigue, for people who stay up late for a long time, using the soaked tea to put on the eyes is very useful.

At the same time the tea contains astringent substances that can shrink the pores.

  • Wipe pots and pans

Greasy pots and pans, scrubbing with tea grounds, the effect of stain removal is also very good.

  •  Remove the fishy smell

Some of the vessels have a fishy smell, it is difficult to remove. This time you can use the tea to remove the fishy method. Use the soaked tea leaves in the vessels, and then boil it can be.

The taste in the oven can also put some soaked tea leaves, baked dry.

  • To remove dampness

Damp season or weather, you can dry the soaked tea wine under the bed, will quickly absorb the damp breath under the bed.