Pu-Erh Tea

Different from other teas,pu erh tea provides something deeper, layered, and more mature.You know it when you taste it; you're drinking time.


4 Ripe Pu-erh Mini Tuocha Assortment

Conveniently taste four kinds of Pu-erh Mini Tuocha

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Top-selling Ripe Pu-Erh Cake Tea 327G

Yunnan ancient wild tree,weight control

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Yunan Ripe Pu-Erh Tea- Chinese Painting

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Green Mandarin Orange Ripe Pu-erh Tea

With nice and noticeable citrus flavor

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Premium Rose Ripe Pu-Erh Mini Tuo Cha 80G

Sweet floral note to the mellow earthy flavors

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Whole Loose Leaf Pu Erh Tea 

Pu'er tea has an ancient history of more than 2,000 years, originating in Yunnan Province of southwestern China. It is as much a part of life as 21-year-old whiskey and prized vintages of Champagne.Giving up the fresh, fiery tastes of youth,pu erh tea provides something deeper, layered, and more mature. You know it when you taste it; you're drinking time.

Types of Pu Erh Tea

There are two different types: raw (sheng) and cooked/ripe (shou). This is due to the amount of processing that occurs after the tea leaves are picked and withered.

Raw Tea:With raw processing, leaves is oxidized with its own natural bacteria, then steamed to be compressed into cakes.The cakes are slowly oxidized over time until the tea's taste is appropriately transformed.

Ripe tea:The process adds steps to speed up pu-erh's aging and oxidizing.Tea leaves is left to fully oxidize for up to 40 days in a hot and humid environment before firing, creating a dark, earthy infusion

So raw tea has a longer aging time and more changes in color and flavor.

Pu Erh Tea Key Benefits

Raw Pu Erh Ripe Pu Erh

As it is not fermented, the tea polyphenols that help weight loss in Raw Puerh are maintained in larger amount.Rich tea polyphenols help the body of detox and anti-radiation.

It can also help to control blood fat and protect your teeth.


In Ripe Puerh, the function of losing weight is the result of various sorts of effective microorganisms. The action will improve the effects of resolving fat in waist and abdomen.

Vitamin C is double increased in Ripe Puerh,which has great significance to improve immunity.

Frequently using of Ripe puerh will do good to your stomach.

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