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Lux Tea

These exclusive creations epitomise the luxury of Chinese tea gift while exhibiting TenFu TEA's stunning artistry.

King's 509 Taiwan Formosa High Mountain Oolong

Milky, buttery, floral, sweet mouthfeel

150克 | $99.90

100% Whole Leaf Guarantee No fannings and dust 8 Self-owned Tea Garden Fresh sealed at source 1300+ Worldwide Stores 28 years of crafting Fast Worldwide Shipping Ship in 2 days.Worldwide...

$65 Gift Card for $60

低至 $60.00

Limited Time Release:8.23-8.31 $65 Gift Card on sale for $60 $110 Gift Card on sale for $100 Use Gift Card,Get Free Sampler Before 9.21,for every puchase with gift card,we will give...

TenFu's Classic Top Jasmine Gift

96克 | $200.00

Thousands of fresh jasmine petals,1 incredible tea.TenFu's classic jasmine tea is processed with tremendous concentration combined with a master craft.TenFu's 27-year continous pursuit of quality is embodies by this tea.Wrapped...

天福茗茶 私房茶正宗福鼎白茶白牡丹茶叶掰块散茶罐装礼盒装

Fresh honeyed sweetness with floral and fruit notes

150克 | $93.50

-Made of young tea leaves and silvery unopened leaf buds from the Fujian province, China.
-Natural Antioxidants,Practically Calorie-free.
-The least processed of teas.Light, calming infusion with floral notes and delicate hints of peach.
-When stored properly, aged white tea will features fresh floral bouquet of roses and orchids, hint of ripe peach

天福茗茶馨享肉桂茶叶礼盒装 特级乌龙茶武夷岩茶散茶100g

100克 | $105.00


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