We all know that it is impossible to finish drinking the tea once it is bought home. Therefore, in order to prevent the tea from deteriorating , the preservation method is quite important. Here is the storage method for tea:

   Green tea, generally, is stored in a refrigerator or a refrigerating chamber at about 5 °C. Oolong Tea is also best stored in the refrigerator, such as Tie Guanyin, Da Hong Pao Tea. Unopened green tea and Oolong Tea should be placed in the freezer if it is to be kept for long period of time. It is best to seal it with a tin can to prevent absorbing odor. Yellow tea, also like green tea, has relatively tender tea leaves, so its preservation method is the same as that of green tea.

   Black tea belongs to full-fermented tea, such as Keemun Black Tea, Dian Black Tea and others. After the tea is fermented, the ingredients in the tea are basically stable, and there will be no more changes, so there is no need to put it into the refrigerator. For the preservation method, it is only necessary to seal the bag and put it in the clay pot ortea caddy directly after drinking.

   The method of preserving  Pu’er Tea is placing it in  clay tea caddy, so that it does not absorb the smell and is breathable. Moreover, the use of  clay tea caddy to store Pu’er Tea better retains the tea fragrance.

   As for White tea, represented by white peony, is similar to black tea in the preservation method.

   In short, once the tea is bought home, if it is unsealed and stored at room temperature in a small amount, it is better to drink it as soon as possible to avoid deterioration. Green tea is best  freshly within a month or two, and the remaining semi-fermented, full-fermented tea is best served within half a year.