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  • Prevents Cancer

    Green tea has been studied for its effects on cancer for decades. Many different scientific approaches have been taken, and none of them have refuted the growing pile of evidence that green tea can prevent cancer and reduce the size of cancers already formed . Considering how hard cancer is to treat, green tea is an excellent wellness aid that can improve chances of recovering from cancer.


  • Improves Cardiovascular Health

    Green tea has been shown to reduce blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels . With many people already on blood pressure and cholesterol medications, which have damaging effects on the liver and the entire body, green tea is a promising natural alternative which can be enjoyed holistically to reduce exposure and reliance on pharmaceutical medications.


  • Improves Metabolic Performance
    Non-obese people who drink 1-2 cups of green tea everyday lower their chance of developing diabetes by greater than 80%. Diabetes is a metabolic disease based around blood sugar levels, and green tea has such a profound effect on diabetes because it equalizes blood glucose levels. By increasing fat oxidation and providing an increased source of natural energy, less sugar can be consumed to achieve the same energetic effect many are used to. With millions around the world addicted to sugar and dying of metabolic diseases, green tea can provide a path back to reclaiming ones health.