Attention should be paid to the effects of oxygen content, temperature, light, humidity and other factors on Pu'er tea during storage.

   Air. Pu'er tea storage should have circulating air, but it should not be placed at the air outlet. In addition, it should be noted that the surrounding environment should not have peculiar smell, and should not be placed in the kitchen or other environments with domestic or industrial peculiar smell.

   Temperature. The storage temperature of Pu'er tea should not be too high or too low. It should be based on the local environment. There is no need to create a temperature deliberately. It is better to keep the normal indoor temperature between 20-30 ℃ all year round. Too high temperature will accelerate the fermentation of tea and turn it sour.

   Light. Light is a kind of energy, which can change the chemical composition of tea. If the tea leaves are left in the sun for a day, the color and taste of the tea will change significantly, thus losing its original flavor. Therefore, tea must be stored away from light.

   Humidity. Too dry environment will slow the aging of Pu'er tea. In a relatively dry environment, a small cup of water can be placed next to the tea to slightly increase the humidity in the air. However, too humid environment will lead to rapid changes in Pu'er tea, which is often "mildew", making Pu'er tea undrinkable.