There are three varieties: tree(the tallest variety with a strong trunk), small tree (medium high and the base of the trunk is strong)and shrub (low and with no trunk).

According to leaf size, there are super large leaf type (leaf area > 60 cm² ,large leaf type (leaf area between 40-60 cm²), middle leaf type (leaf area between 20-40cm²) and small leaf type (leaf area < 20cm²).

The Tallest Tea Plant

According to available reports, the highest tea plant in the world is 32 meters in height.It is located in Mengku Snow Mountain in Shuangjiang County, Yunnan Province.


Many tea gardens and plantations keep camellia sinensis as a shrub, but if you don't prune it, it may grow into a small tree. In fact, some cultivars believe that the taller the tea plant, the larger the root structure, and the more nutrient-rich and flavorful the tea. Tea plant thrives in well-drained, sandy soil and shouldn't be harvested until it reaches three years old.

Major Tea-producing Regions in China

Based on the climate, tea-producing history,tea plant variety, and tea type, China can be divided into four main tea-producing regions:South China,Southwest China, regions south of the Yangtze River and regions north of the Yangtze River.

  • South China:Located in southern China, it is the most suitable area for tea cultivation. The region is rich in tea plant varieties.Many rarely wild trees is as yet grown here.The main cultivated varieties are large leaf trees, which can be planted everywhere.While small trees and shrubs are also distributed. Because of the suitable ecological conditions, Plants grow fast and yield well,and also have excellent quality.It’s a major tea-producing area of black tea, pu ehr tea, oolong tea.Anxi Tieh Kwan Yin,Taiwan Oolong are from here.

  • Southwest China:Located in the southwest of China, it is the oldest tea-producing area in China.There are abundant varieties of tea plants including small trees, shrubs and trees.It produces many types of teas including black tea, green tea, yellow tea, border-sale tea, tuo tea, scented tea, etc. Such unique are famous teas here that they are popular among tea lovers at home and overseas.The famous Keemun Black Tea, Duyun Maojian and ancient pu erh teas are cultivated here.

  • Regions south of the Yangtze River:Located in the south of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, it is suitable for tea cultivation.It is the main tea producing area in China, accounting for 2 / 3 of the gross tea production in China.There are abundant tea plant varieties mainly including shrubs and small trees. Tea types includes green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea, dark tea, as well as a variety of rare and small batch teas,scented tea.It is the key production region of green tea including the most famous Xihu Dragon Well, Dongting Bi Luo Chun, Huangshan Mao Feng,etc.

  • Regions north of the Yangtze River: Located in the north of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, it is the northernmost tea-producing region in China, and is a sub suitable area for tea cultivation.Tea plants are mostly small leaf shrubs and is more tolerant of cold weather. It is a major green tea production region, including fried green tea, baked green tea and sun dried green tea.It produce green teas of fragrant aroma and refreshing taste.Many of the most famous green tea is from this region,such as Lu'an Gua Pian Melon Seed,Xinyang Mao Jian,etc.