Stir-fried Shrimp with Longjing Tea(龙井虾仁), a famous dish in Hangzhou with a strong local flavor, gains the name due to its production of shrimps matched with the selected Longjing Tea before and after Tomb-sweeping Day. When cooked, the shrimps are tender and delicious, making it one of the popular traditional flavor dishes in China.





250g fresh shrimps, 20g starch, 1 egg white, 3ml cooking wine, 4g salt, 2g Longjing green tea, 2g shredded scallion



① Prepare 250g fresh shrimps, remove the head, tail and shrimp line, wash them clean and drain

② Add 20g starch, 1 egg white, 3ml cooking wine and 2g salt, grab them well by hand, then set them aside for 15 minutes.

③ Pour into water of 90℃, add 2g Longjing green tea, soak it for 1 minute, filter out the tea soup, and set it aside as spare.

④ Boil the hot water and pour in the shrimps. Wait until the shrimps turn red and drain them immediately.

⑤ Heat the pan, pour into cold oil, stir in 2g shredded scallion, and remove it, pour in the blanched shrimps, and fry them in oil for a while.

⑥ Add 2g salt and 1 cup of green tea, stir-fry quickly over big fire, and add a few Longjing tea leaves.

⑦ Dish up, and you can eat it.


Note: The amount of the above ingredients can be increased or decreased according to individual taste.