Green tea is suitable for drinkingfresh instead of brewing.

    The brewing water should be 80-95℃ and it is better to be brewed in glass or tureen. It is unsuitable for simmering and boiling.

    The green buds and leaves as well as the soup will darken and the freshness will decrease if being brewed in very hot water.

    Black tea is suitable for drinking with appreciation, suitable for blended drinking

    To ensure the strong and balanced taste of black tea, the rate of buds picking should be ensured and the leaves should be slightly tender. 

    Boil black tea, the soup will be rich in aroma, so it’s very suitable for blended drinking. Make use of the strong aroma of black tea and cook it with milk, honey, wolfberry and other ingredients to get a heart-warming and healthy drink full of tea aroma. 

    New oolong tea should be brewed, agedoolong tea should be boiled

  • New tea and light-roasted oolong tea are not recommended to be brewed. This type of oolong tea should be brewed in a tureen or purple clay pot to produce fresh and sweet soupwith a rich floral fragranc If it is cooked, the smell similar to vegetable leaves will be produced.
  • With regard to aged Tieguanyin, Rock Tea, etc., it is recommended to brew a few times before boiling.

    White Tea, tender leavesshould be brewedand aged leaves should be boiled
  • Baihao Yinzhen and WhitePeony are suitable for brewing.The water for brewing Baihao Yinzhen and White Peony is recommended around 90℃ or even lower. 
  • Shoumei Tea issuitable for cooking after brewing or being cooked  (It is recommended to extend the moisturizing time in case of direct cooking).

    Pu’er Tea new tea should be brewedand agedmature tea should be  brewed and aged mature tea should be cooked.

  • The newlymade raw Pu'er tea is suitable for brewingto produce mellow taste with  sweetness. 
  • Aged raw tea and Pu'er fermented tea stored for more than ten years can be cooked for drinking.