Didi! New product is presented again. In the golden autumn when all kinds of sweet-scented osmanthus are blooming, our new product combines sweet-scented osmanthus, a noble and auspicious flower in China, with sweet rice wine. We are wondering what kind of feeling it will bring to the taste buds. 

#Fermented Rice  Osmanthus Jelly

【Osmanthus Jelly】purified water 1000ml, crystal jelly powder 100g, fully stir first and put 20g of pineapple fruit sauce and 50g of osmanthus tea sauce. After boiling and cooling, put in the refrigerator until it’s solidified.

White tea:https://tea-tao.com/collections/chinese-pure-loose-white-tea

【Tea Cooking】Pour 6g aged white tea leaves, 500g purified water and boil for 3 minutes for filtering (firepower 1300w) in a stainless steel basin. Spare ingredients: tea soup, purified water, raw coconut milk, AVOSET whipped cream, osmanthus slurry, osmanthus jelly, taro balls

Method: Pour 80g aged white tea soup, 80g purified water, 150g raw coconut milk, 20g whipped cream, 25g osmanthus tea sauce into a shaker for full stirring, and heat up to 65°C.

Show Cup: Pour a spoonful of sweet-scented osmanthus jelly, taro balls and fermented rice into the show cup, add the tea base, milk lid/cream and decorate with osmanthus fragments.