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天福茗茶 毛峰绿茶茶叶 新茶 云南早春绿茶 200克袋装

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Finest quality – Made of 100% whole loose tea leaves cultivated from single origins.
Delicious and healthy - Made without artificial ingredients,natural antioxidants.
Great-tasting with a fresh flavor, smooth taste and enticing aroma.Enjoy it as traditional hot tea or iced tea. Packed with aluminum foil lining to maintain freshness

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Carefully picked and processed from wild tea grown ecologically high in the mountains, this is a sweet tea free of bitterness. HuangShan MaoFeng , like our Long Jing green tea, consistently is regarded as one of China's top ten teas.

  • 100% Whole Leaf Guarantee

    100% Whole Leaf Guarantee

    No fannings and dust

  • 8 Self-owned Tea Garden

    8 Self-owned Tea Garden

    Fresh sealed at source

  • 1300+ Worldwide Stores

    1300+ Worldwide Stores

    28years of crafting

  • Fast Worldwide Shipping

    Fast Worldwide Shipping

    Worldwide delivery.


TenFu Yunnan Tea Garden 云南天福茶园

TenFu’s Fujian Tea Garden 福建天福茶园

Yunnan is considered to be a magical and mysterious province.There is populated by dense primordial forest and minority.Different religions and myths enbale a multicultural civilization,which intermingle without losing their separate identities.

Deep in the subtropical lush mountains of Yunnan, the large leafed varietal of tea bush grows abundantly in TenFu Yunnan Tea Garden

Pu Erh Tea(普洱 Pu'er):Ripe Pu Erh(熟普 Shou Pu),Raw Pu Erh(生普 Sheng Pu)

Green Tea:Maofeng(毛峰),Spring Spiral(春螺 Chun Luo)

Black Tea:Yunnan Golden Black(滇红 Dian Hong)


· Dry Leaf

· Wavy leaves which come to a sharp point at the tip,

· Aroma

· Accents of magnolia blossom or hints of orchid

· In the Cup

· Light yellowish green

· Taste

· Smooth, umami with notes of green chestnut and fresh flowers

Kung Fu Brew

Tea Leaves




4g Tea



3 steeps: 30s, 60s, 90s

TenFu’s Product ID System
Genuine Certificate

TenFu’s Product ID System

· TenFu’s Product ID System

·Each product has its own unique code that can be traced back to its origin.

Scan and be aware of the provenance of your tea.

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      天福茗茶 毛峰绿茶茶叶 新茶 云南早春绿茶 200克袋装