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Chinese classic design,rich jasmine aroma

200 g | $35.99

-We scent fragrant, smooth green tea leaves 5 times with night-blooming jasmine to make this delicate tea.
-Combining the antioxidant power of green tea with the good mood enhancing properties of jasmine.
-Delight to look at, full of floral and sweet aromas.
-Enjoy our tea hot or iced, or use it to infuse sauces, syrups and baked goods!

Baifu Fujian Mount Wuyi Dahongpao Rock Tea Oolong Tea 150g

Festive Chinese style

150 g | $35.99

This premium Chinese black tea gets its name because of the delicate and tender tea leaves with a hint of golden color resemble eyebrows. They are preciously picked : 10 thousands tea tips can just make 500 grams finised tea.
It's complex yet very balanced: smooth, sweet,malty, followed by an aftertaste that reveals the fine bud quality of the tea through a fruity scent of oranges.

Baifu Fujian Fuding Gongmei White Tea Block Shape 150g

First flush.Sweet and smooth,no astringency

150 g | $35.99

-soft and mellow sweet flavor without any trace of bitterness.
-This is composed of tender tea a precious white tea,and is processed by a traditional technique.
-Production comes from authentic Fuding white tea

Baifu Fujian Mount Wuyi Zhengshan Black Tea 150g

Chinese classical design,sweet,mellow

150 g | $35.99

30 packs in one can, making it more convenient to carry.Refined through traditional techniques combined with modern scientific tea making techniques; The tea leaves are slender and tight with sharp...

Baifu Yunnan Big Leaf Seed Aged Pu'er 200g

Subtle and savory.Mellow and smooth,

200 g | $35.99

Pu'er tea is one of the ancient tea varieties. Pu'er tea is produced in various tea areas in Yunnan Province, China, with an altitude of more than 1800 meters. The...

Combination of Tieguanyin or Longjing With Travel Cup with Filter

低至 $18.99

- Great-tasting with a fresh flavor, smooth taste and enticing aroma.Enjoy it as traditional hot tea or iced tea.-soft and mellow sweet flavor without any trace of bitterness.- tieh kwan...

Combination of green tea or jasmine tea and travel cup with filter

低至 $17.99

-Early spring ultra-fresh green tea with premium jasmine flowers.-Take about 3 grams of ea at a time and put it into a cup filter to get a delicious drink-This classic...

Guangxi Jasmine tea Tasting Pack 30g

30 g | $18.99$16.14

-Early spring ultra-fresh green tea with premium jasmine flowers.-We scent fragrant, smooth green tea leaves 5 times with night-blooming jasmine to make this delicate tea.

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