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天福茗茶 913乌龙茶 茶叶 台湾高山茶 正宗冻顶乌龙 150G装

Fresh vegetal note, lingering sweet aftertaste

150 g | 低至 $43.99

913 Ginseng Oolong is made by letting semi-oxidized oolong tea obsorves the essence of ginseng to create a naturally sweetness that linger in your mouth for quite a while after swallowing - and drinking plain water afterwards might give you an unmistakably sweet taste.

天福茗茶 冻顶乌龙茶台湾高山茶 正宗清香型茶叶台茶150g

Taiwan TenRen origin,entry-level for daily drink

150 g | $31.99

Taiwan Dong Ding Oolong,as well known as Tung Ting,comes from Lugu Township, Nantou , Taiwan and the hilly estate near Tung Ting Mountain above 600-800 meters.Harvested by hand and processed at dawn to ensure the freshness of tender buds.Light roasted degree endows its freshness and sweetness.

天福茗茶813人参乌龙茶升级版 福建高山茶特级送礼茶叶罐装150g

150 g | $163.99

描述813 人参乌龙是由半氧化的乌龙茶将人参的精华,创造出一个自然甜的,在你喝了之后,在你的喉咙里徘徊。 我们是其中一个,如果不是最好的茶公司,知道如何把人参与乌龙结合在一个美妙的和谐之中。 阿罗马新鲜的花香,微妙的人参风味酒颜色鲜艳的橙黄色

天福茗茶台湾天仁 阿里山高山乌龙茶 原装高山茶茶叶225g罐装

225 g | $83.99

Ali Shan is one the famous high mountain oolong tea growing areas in Taiwan. Located at altitude of 1500m, the cool, misty weater and rich soil are ideal from tea plants to grow very slowly,resulting in soft, thick leaves with rich nutrients.
Premium grade Alishan High Mountain oolong is silky buttery with moderate floral notes nicely balanced with a honey sweetness.Fresh, crisp and clean tasting with no grassy notes, as well as not dry or bitter.

A tea can only be qualitied as Taiwan Oolong, when it had gone through indigenous cultivation,picking, and manufacturing.Taiwan oolong tea is popular worldwide for its unique aroma and superior quality.From creamy milk Jin Xuan Oolong to floral and fruity Tian Li Oolong,there are diverse flavors and aromas waiting for you to explore. 

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