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天福茗茶 浓香型茉莉花茶 罐装散装茶叶绣球龙珠

Jasmine scented, well-balanced Jasmine taste

200 g | 低至 $41.99

-Early spring ultra-fresh green tea with premium jasmine flowers.
-Hand-rolled tender green tea leaves, and blended with 1,600 fragrant jasmine flowers. Over the course of a night, the flowers open and release their aroma into the tea, flavoring it and giving it the heady scent associated with the tea.
-Enjoy our tea hot or iced, or use it to infuse sauces, syrups and baked goods!

天福茗茶 913乌龙茶 茶叶 台湾高山茶 正宗冻顶乌龙 150G装

Fresh vegetal note, lingering sweet aftertaste

150 g | 低至 $43.99

913 Ginseng Oolong is made by letting semi-oxidized oolong tea obsorves the essence of ginseng to create a naturally sweetness that linger in your mouth for quite a while after swallowing - and drinking plain water afterwards might give you an unmistakably sweet taste.

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低至 $60.00

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天福茗茶 新茶绿茶 四川峨眉山高山茶春茶 竹香绿茶明前100g

No code required,High-mountain, vegetal, refreshing

低至 $68.49

Hand-picked delicate tea buds from cool,misty high mountain Emei in early March, Zhu Ye Qing(Bamboo Green) is a rare pure bud green tea. Experience a grassy, mild aroma and vegetal,creamy taste that brings you instant spring serenity, with a clean,sweet finish

天福茗茶早春碧螺春四川峨眉高山绿茶 新茶100克

No code required,One of Top 10 famous Chinee teas

100 g | 低至 $68.99

As one of China's top 10 famous teas,Bi Luo Chun is famed for its full taste and rich aroma.The tea estate is surrounded by fruit trees creates Bi Luo Chun's famous fruity-floral flavor.
60 to 70 thousands buds can only make 500g of finished Bi Luo Chun.This tea is picked in the early spring, the tender tea leaves are coated in fluffy white hairs.



快速详细资料 酒具类型:水瓶 开水:适用于 用法: 家庭旅馆办公室旅行 配件:不锈钢tea输液器和坚持 户外活动:游览 材料:高硼硅玻璃,无铅,无污染。 容量:1升 颜色:明确   2018红点获奖产品。旋转盖的设计就是其中一种。这两个配件有两种用法。第一个配件是不锈钢棒。您可以将棍子预先冷冻在冰箱中,然后将其固定在盖子上,然后可以冲凉饮料或用作酒瓶。第二个是泡茶器,可帮助分离茶叶和液体。瓶子上带有测量标记,方便您遵循自己喜欢的食谱。  

天福茗茶 茉莉花茶新茶浓香型礼盒装

Chinese classic design,rich jasmine aroma

低至 $83.49

-We scent fragrant, smooth green tea leaves 5 times with night-blooming jasmine to make this delicate tea.
-Combining the antioxidant power of green tea with the good mood enhancing properties of jasmine.
-Delight to look at, full of floral and sweet aromas.
-Enjoy our tea hot or iced, or use it to infuse sauces, syrups and baked goods!

天福茗茶 白毫银针福鼎原产白茶特级散装茶叶罐装50克

soft taste and refreshing aroma

50 g | $89.99

-This beautifully white tea consisting of fatty buds from the Fuding ‘bai cha’cultivar.
-The flavor and fragrance is delicate,light,fresh,and sweet.
-It is fleshy, bright colored and covered with tiny white hairs.

天福茗茶彼物茶具套装 喜鹤盖碗组 德化陶瓷泡茶器功夫茶8件一套

8 pieces Dehua White China Tea Set


-This luxury set contains our 175ml Gaiwan Teaware, 6 Tea Cups, a Gaiwan Uplift Tray. Outstanding Exterior
-This tea set adopts a simple and elegant Chinese design, glazed with traditional white crane pattern on it.
-Suitable for brewing different kinds of tea, like black tea, Pu-er, Oolong, Green Tea, and even tea bag. Ideal gifts for tea cravers, household use, office, party, travel, hiking and restaurant use. A great choice for birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Father's Day, Housewarming to gift your friends, family and loved one.


Mellow and smooth,sweeteness in aftertaste

486 g | $92.99

-Selected Yunnan ancient tea plants leaves as raw materials,Smoother taste
-Mellow and smooth,sweeteness in aftertaste
-it a delicious velvety taste with a deep woody-nutty aroma, followed by a mild aftertaste.

天福茗茶 广东新会小青柑普洱茶熟茶柑普茶散茶云南茶叶罐装250g

With nice and noticeable citrus flavor

250 g | $92.99

This Tangerine Peel Pu-Erh Tea is perfect for relieving coughs and sooth throat on cold autumn and winter days. If you're looking for a healthy, fruity tea with a citrusy aroma to clear up your cold days, look no further.

天福茗茶 私房茶正宗福鼎白茶白牡丹茶叶掰块散茶罐装礼盒装

Fresh honeyed sweetness with floral and fruit notes

150 g | $96.99

-Natural Antioxidants,Practically Calorie-free.
-The least processed of teas.Light, calming infusion with floral notes and delicate hints of peach.
-Each gift box consists of an elegant outside box and Chinese porcelain jar inside– perfect for anyone who loves a luxury brew.

天福茗茶 私房茶 武夷山金骏眉红茶 散装茶叶礼盒装

150 g | $96.99

Select the buds from only 1200-1500 meters above sea level. 3,400 to 4,500 buds to make one ounce of Jin Jun Mei.
Each gift box consists of an elegant outside box and Chinese porcelain jar inside– perfect for anyone who loves a luxury brew.

天福茗茶 金骏眉红茶武夷山小种 特级茶送礼礼盒装200g 红茶茶礼

Elegant Chinese Carved Design

200 g | $96.99

This premium Chinese black tea gets its name because of the delicate and tender tea leaves with a hint of golden color resemble eyebrows. They are preciously picked : 10 thousands tea tips can just make 500 grams finised tea.
The gift box consists of an elegant Chinese paper-cut bag and Chinese carved box– Your best gift deliver happiness to your friend and family.

天福茗茶 白牡丹小方块紧压白茶 福鼎白茶礼盒384G

Mellow and smooth,sweet in after taste

384 g | $99.50

-Each product has its own unique code that can be traced back to its origin.
-Mellow and smooth,sweet in after taste
-Select tender buds as material,it's compressed into independent mini bricks.

天福茗茶馨享肉桂茶叶礼盒装 特级乌龙茶武夷岩茶散茶100g

Highly sought after as the most fragrant oolong tea

100 g | $116.50

Rou Gui Rock Tea is called“The most fragrant oolong tea”.It is another kind of the Camellia sinensis tea plant that adapted to the rocky cliffs of the Wuyi .

天福茗茶老树红茶滇红 大叶工夫红茶凤庆200g送礼

200 g | $145.49

Distinctive from small-leaf black teas,Yunnan Dian Hong Black tea selects big tea leaf with golden hairs.So it taste richer and bolder than other black teas.It has an floral,honey aroma with a slight toasted character.Its after-taste is highly enjoyable and long-lasting.

TenFu's Classic Top Jasmine Gift

96 g | $220.00

Thousands of fresh jasmine petals,1 incredible tea.TenFu's classic jasmine tea is processed with tremendous concentration combined with a master craft.TenFu's 27-year continous pursuit of quality is embodies by this tea.Wrapped...

Premium Sichuan Yulu Jasmine Tea Gift Box

The best choice for gift giving

144 g | $286.00

100% Whole Leaf Guarantee No fannings and dust 8 Self-owned Tea Garden Fresh sealed at source 1300+ Worldwide Stores 28years of crafting Fast Worldwide Shipping days.Worldwide delivery. Origin TenFu Sichuan...

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