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Different colorful painting gift boxes for four seasonal teas.Our seasonal tea collection includes:

Spring Tea-White Peony Tea:

Spring flush tea is usually regarded as haigh quality tea for their delicacy and freshness.
Because a
fter a whole winter to rest and grow,the first flush tea usually contains more nutrients, antioxidants and caffeine.
Thus the first flush tea is often qualified as the best quailty tea.

Summer Tea-Fujian Black Tea:
Due to the weather condition,summer tea leaves grow rapidly,The contents of amino acids and vitamins reduced, 
and the contents of anthocyanins, caffeine and tea polyphenols in summer tea are increased obviously, which makes the taste bitter and astringent.
It is favorable for the oxidization of black tea.Because black tea is oxidized tea,
polyphenolsa can be completely oxidized , so as to reduce the bitter and astringent taste and cerate a slightly sweet fragrance and strong taste.

Autumn Tea-Tieh Kwan Yin Oolong Tea:
After two harvest in spring and summer,the nutrient content in the bud is relatively reduced with lighter flavor.
With less rainfall and dry climate,the tea contain less moisture and show more aroma,low bitterness, which can be regarded as a distinctive taste.
Tieguany is a representative tea of autumn tea because of more rich orchid fragrance than in spring and suitable weather for its storage

Winter Tea-Ripe Pu-erh Tea:
Winter is precious for its scarce yield.
The aroma of winter tea is delicate and lasting, the taste is rich and smooth, sweet and mellow, 
and the bitterness and astringency are weak, which is an obvious characteristic of winter tea.

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