Valentine’s Day is around the corner, time for a celebration of love and appreciation for your pals, gals, or even yourself. Whether you’re spending it with someone special, hanging out with friends, or on your couch binge watching Netflix, we think everyone should treat themselves on February 14th. Follow our Valentine’s Day gift guide to make your loved one feel special and take notice of how thoughtful you are.




Crumbs and bits over sheets and spreads can be a pesky ordeal. But who doesn’t love the idea of being woken up with a kiss and their favourite cup of tea – perfectly made by the person who knows exactly which cup of breakfast tea you like best. Go all the way and add a rose and a card – the perfect way to say ‘I love you’.

For Your Sweet-tea>

Romantic Dinner

Whether you make a dinner for two, chocolate for a group, or dessert for one, be sure to brew up a romantic cup to go with it. Try dreamy blossom tea, when added hot water, tea flowers slowly unfurl and bloom into quite a captivating display.


Gifts at the ready

A favourite mug and tea is not just for Valentine’s Day. Try one of our Loose Leaf Teas and a pair of mugs for you and your valentine – the perfect gift for any tea lover and will be a lovely reminder of your undying love for days and weeks to come.


Blue And White Kung Fu Tea Cups Set of Two>

Whether you want to be sweet on your partner, surprise your friends, or treat yourself, there are plenty of fantastic valentine tea gifts to add heart to your holiday this February. Brew every cup with love and gratitude.