The time has come again to give gifts, whether we are in a bit of Spring Festival what to send gifts and distressed. Since ancient times, tea has occupied a pivotal position in the hearts of Chinese people, and has become a good gift for us to visit friends and relatives. Sending tea for Chinese New Year is a warm gift. So what tea should be sent?Sichuan Yulu Jasmine Tea.Your choice.

   Blue packaging, highlighting the sense of seniority, TenFu’s initial interpretation, with the initial heart to take every step, the initial heart remains, blooming fragrance.

   Selecting the early spring buds from the high altitude tea plantation of Emei Mountain as embryo, and only taking the jasmine in the summer three volatile days, to bring you the mystery of fresh fragrance.

   Send tea, send health, Spring Festival reunion, inevitably a variety of high-calorie meal, a cup of jasmine tea after the meal, the choice of relieving greasiness. Whether it is a gift for family members, colleagues or friends, the tea gift conveys the good wishes for health.