• Tip1: Anji White Tea is not white tea actually

     Very few people know that Anji White Tea is green tea instead of white tea actually. The production process of Anji White Tea is almost the same as that of green tea, including stalling, steaming, roasting and frying. Therefore, Anji white tea is more suitable to be called green tea with regard to the production process.

  • So why is Anji White Tea called the white tea?

     Since Anji White Tea rows in a low temperature environment, the buds usually appear white or light green, and then gradually turn into a noticeable green in a high temperature.

  • Tip2: High-quality white tea does not need to be washed

    Washing tea means to soak the white tea with boiling water before drinking and then throw out the first tea soup. Washing tea aims to remove the impurities in the tea.

     In fact, high-quality white tea does not need to be washed.High-quality white tea is produced in high mountain areas of about 600 to 800 meters altitude. Due to the natural ecology and no human interference, the green tea grown there is clean and fresh. Moreover, the first tea soup contains rich white villus and a lot of amino acids, so the taste and nutritional values are extremely high.

Therefore, people needn’t worry about the cleanliness of high-quality white tea, even the first tea soup can also be drunk without any problems.

  • Tip3: Not the most fresh white tea is the best

     Some fans like fresh tea because they think the fresher tea will be tender with refreshing taste. However, it’s not the case at all. First of all, as for the white tea which has just been produced, the nutrients inside has not been transformed and settled after the processing, and a large amount of endoplasm moves freely in the leaves. In terms of the white tea which has just been brewed, it is hard to taste its best flavor. After a period of storage, the aroma, smell and taste of white tea will become stronger and more mature. 

     Secondly, white tea has the value of collection. After years of proper preservation, the flavor of white tea will greatly change. After transforming into aged tea, the aroma will become more stable and restrained with the medicinal aroma, aging aroma and jujube aroma (high-quality aged eyebrow tea cake), and the tea soup tastes more mellow and smooth, the charm of time.

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