Enter Lapsang Souchong:The Chinese tea that some describe as the liquor of the tea world.  Lapsang Souchong elevates the tea drinking experience with nontraditional flavors in a centuries old tea.
   Wuyishan Tea Cans-Premium Lapsang Souchong Black Tea
Authentic Wuyi black tea.
   Its origin is at Tongmuguan Jiangdun and Miaowan area of Wuyi Mountain Nature Reserve.
   Firm and moist, small leaf black tea
  Bright orange-red color,fragrance like cinnamon fragrance
   Wuyi Small Breed Lapsang Black Tea Vintage Gold Tea Bucket
   Tight ropes, interlaced with aubergine,with a strong sweet potato flavor
   Red-brown and bright,full-bodied and no bitterness on the palate
  Enter jasmine tea:
  One of the most popular drinks in China, jasmine tea has been a welcoming drink for guests for centuries.It‘s production process is at the same time intense and beautiful: tea leaves and freshly picked jasmine flowers are placed in layers overlaid in a scented house, where tea absorbs the essence of jasmine while the flower petals open and release their fragrance.
   Premium Sichuan Yulu Jasmine Tea Gift Box.The best choice for gift giving Produced in Sichuan is an ancient seat of tea culture in China.Curly and tight with rich fragrance of jasmine Crystal clear and sweet.
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