Being one of the largest consumed beverages in the entire world, tea is considered to be a miracle drink that almost everyone adores. It cleanses our mind, body and soul. And in full honesty, there isn’t a better time to drink tea than in winters. The cold season makes our bodies more susceptible to sickness. Easing a winter flu is smoother when the benefits of tea are used to do so. Drinking tea in winters is like giving yourself a warm bath on the inside.

   Winter is the time for warmth, for comfort, for good food, for the touch of a friendly hand, and for a talk beside fire. It inspires both joy and blues. While some cannot wait for the cooler weather and the holiday season, others dislike the frigid temperatures and the ailments that follow the cold air. According to a research, a quarter of our DNA changes with the changing weather. During the winter months our bodies pump up the levels of many genes linked with inflammation, triggering symptoms like swelling and uneasiness that our bodies use to protect us from cold and flu. In summer, on the other hand, a different set of genes get highly expressed, including some that help regulate our blood sugar potentially and help us burn off excess fat.

   This is because some germs prosper in colder weathers. In fact, the Influenza virus (Flu) and Rhinovirus (common cold) spread easily in winters, for they thrive in low humidity, cold environments. The chilly weather makes it harder for the hairs and mucus in our noses to protect us against germs. Not just this, but our bodies barely produce any melatonin due to shorter sunlight hours. Plus, the frost brings about ache and pain in joints and old injuries. The stress of the festive season is just the tip of the iceberg. We overdo celebrations which tire our bodies, all the while staying huddled indoors. This only makes it easier for germs to transfer from one person to another, thus bringing about sickness. All of this can slow our immune system and make the holiday season barely bearable.

   However, like there are remedies for everything, there is a natural remedy for the winter daze as well. And that is tea. The benefits of tea are many and winters only invite us to try a warm cup every day. It is a way to naturally cleanse our bodies of toxins and provide aid for our ailments.

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