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天福茗茶玄鸟呈祥贡眉白茶 福鼎茶叶馈赠亲朋茶礼336g

Refreshingly smooth mouthfeel ,no astringency

336 g | $59.99$58.99

-The minimal processing and low oxdation results in low caffeine content and rich antioxidants
-Refreshingly smooth mouthfeel with a naturally sweet and honey-like tastes and no astringency.
-picks the tender bud and the second leaves on the branch as materials

2024 Zhejiang Anji Green Tea Anji Bai Cha 100G

100 g | $60.93

Anji white tea is a famous green tea.the"white" in its name refers to the rare tea tree whose tender leaves are all white. Also,the tea leaves will also appear in...

Top-Selling Dragon Well Long Jing Gift Box

100 g | $62.12

The unique aroma and taste of Longiing tea have earned it the title of "a famous Chinese tea".Longiing tea is rich in Vitamin C and contains many other elements that...

天福茗茶 用情珍珠茉莉 花茶 广西茉莉 鲜花窨制 250克

250 g | $62.99

茉莉花珍珠与香茉莉花混合绿茶。 茶的香味是一个独特的过程,需要几天的时间,导致精美的一杯茉莉花茶。 当茉莉花最香的时候,茉莉花被雾的暮光中挑选,并与绿茶叶混合。 三到四个叶子手卷成珍珠形状,以保持新鲜度和香气。 这些绿茶珍珠在酿造后将开放释放他们令人愉快的茉莉花香气。 茉莉花珍珠绿茶被认为是香味茶类中最优质的茶叶之一。异常香和明亮的长效茉莉花,使绿茶平滑无常酒类金色的鹿

天福茗茶福建福鼎茶饼礼袋装太姥山 日晒白茶8饼装 贡眉白茶茶礼

Collectible set,perfect for self-drinking and gift

800 g | $63.99

-Made of young tea leaves and silvery unopened leaf buds from the Fujian province, China.
-Natural Antioxidants,Practically Calorie-free.
-The least processed of teas.Light, calming infusion with floral notes and delicate hints of peach.
-When stored properly, aged white tea will features fresh floral bouquet of roses and orchids, hint of ripe peach


天福茗茶天梨茶台湾高山茶乌龙茶天仁系列 精致罐装

Highly aromatic, creamy, floral, sweet fruity

70 g | $64.99

Li Shan oolong is considered the top grade of Taiwan high mounatin oolong tea. Grown in the tea estate located in the high-altitude from 1600 meters to 2600 meters, low-temperature environment, resulting in soft, thick leaves with rich nutrients. It has a unique fruity fragrance that is not common in other Taiwan teas.It's rare for its superior quality and the low yield with just two harvests per year.

天福茗茶 新茶绿茶 四川峨眉山高山茶春茶 竹香绿茶明前100g

No code required,High-mountain, vegetal, refreshing

低至 $68.49

Hand-picked delicate tea buds from cool,misty high mountain Emei in early March, Zhu Ye Qing(Bamboo Green) is a rare pure bud green tea. Experience a grassy, mild aroma and vegetal,creamy taste that brings you instant spring serenity, with a clean,sweet finish

天福茗茶早春碧螺春四川峨眉高山绿茶 新茶100克

No code required,One of Top 10 famous Chinee teas

100 g | 低至 $68.99

As one of China's top 10 famous teas,Bi Luo Chun is famed for its full taste and rich aroma.The tea estate is surrounded by fruit trees creates Bi Luo Chun's famous fruity-floral flavor.
60 to 70 thousands buds can only make 500g of finished Bi Luo Chun.This tea is picked in the early spring, the tender tea leaves are coated in fluffy white hairs.

天福茗茶 金骏眉红茶 特级正宗武夷山小叶种红茶 茶叶礼盒装220G

Festive Chinese style

220 g | $68.99

This premium Chinese black tea gets its name because of the delicate and tender tea leaves with a hint of golden color resemble eyebrows. They are preciously picked : 10 thousands tea tips can just make 500 grams finised tea.
It's complex yet very balanced: smooth, sweet,malty, followed by an aftertaste that reveals the fine bud quality of the tea through a fruity scent of oranges.

天福茗茶 特级安溪茶叶铁观音清香型乌龙茶礼盒装茶叶礼盒

210 g | $69.99


天福茗茶茉莉花茶 飘雪茉莉花茶新茶浓香型四川特产茶叶120g

Soothing and sweet, refreshing & long lasting

120 g | $76.99

-We scent fragrant, smooth green tea leaves 5 times with night-blooming jasmine to make this delicate tea.
-Combining the antioxidant power of green tea with the good mood enhancing properties of jasmine.
-Delight to look at, full of floral and sweet aromas.
-Enjoy our tea hot or iced, or use it to infuse sauces, syrups and baked goods!

天福茗茶 小金砖普洱熟茶紧压茶 云南普洱小沱茶小砖茶礼盒384g

Subtle and savory.Mellow and smooth,sweeteness in aftertaste

384 g | $77.99

-Selected Yunnan ancient tea plants leaves as raw materials,Smoother taste
-Subtle and savory.Mellow and smooth,sweeteness in aftertaste
-With a hint of earthy and woody fragrance"

天福茗茶台湾天仁 阿里山高山乌龙茶 原装高山茶茶叶225g罐装

225 g | $83.99

Ali Shan is one the famous high mountain oolong tea growing areas in Taiwan. Located at altitude of 1500m, the cool, misty weater and rich soil are ideal from tea plants to grow very slowly,resulting in soft, thick leaves with rich nutrients.
Premium grade Alishan High Mountain oolong is silky buttery with moderate floral notes nicely balanced with a honey sweetness.Fresh, crisp and clean tasting with no grassy notes, as well as not dry or bitter.

天福茗茶 峨嵋珍绿茶 四川高山绿茶叶 铁罐装100G

100 g | $89.49

Early spring green tea is picked before Qing Ming(on April 5th),this day divides the premium green tea because its rich natural nutrients,sugar and little yields.Zhu Ye Zhen is one of the...

Spring First Flush Longjing Tea - Dragon Well Green Tea Best Chinese Loose Leaf Green Tea

100 g | $92.06

A supreme, fresh green tea of one of China’s top famous teas picked in early spring2024. A sweet, roasted chestnut flavour, and a light, floral, green-fresh taste.Plus it’s packed with...

天福茗茶 广东新会小青柑普洱茶熟茶柑普茶散茶云南茶叶罐装250g

With nice and noticeable citrus flavor

250 g | $92.99

This Tangerine Peel Pu-Erh Tea is perfect for relieving coughs and sooth throat on cold autumn and winter days. If you're looking for a healthy, fruity tea with a citrusy aroma to clear up your cold days, look no further.


Mellow and smooth,sweeteness in aftertaste

486 g | $92.99

-Selected Yunnan ancient tea plants leaves as raw materials,Smoother taste
-Mellow and smooth,sweeteness in aftertaste
-it a delicious velvety taste with a deep woody-nutty aroma, followed by a mild aftertaste.

天福茗茶 金骏眉红茶武夷山小种 特级茶送礼礼盒装200g 红茶茶礼

Elegant Chinese Carved Design

200 g | $96.99

This premium Chinese black tea gets its name because of the delicate and tender tea leaves with a hint of golden color resemble eyebrows. They are preciously picked : 10 thousands tea tips can just make 500 grams finised tea.
The gift box consists of an elegant Chinese paper-cut bag and Chinese carved box– Your best gift deliver happiness to your friend and family.

天福茗茶 白牡丹小方块紧压白茶 福鼎白茶礼盒384G

Mellow and smooth,sweet in after taste

384 g | $99.50

-Each product has its own unique code that can be traced back to its origin.
-Mellow and smooth,sweet in after taste
-Select tender buds as material,it's compressed into independent mini bricks.

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