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天福茗茶 武夷山小叶种红茶 工夫红茶 罐装70克 特产茶

Elegant Chinese design, smoky,rich and sweet

70 g | 低至 $19.99

-Great at breakfast or any time you need a lift.
-Bold, brisk, and flavorful this tea is delicious with milk and also great on its own.
-Guaranteed pure:made with 100% whole loose leaf teas from self-owned tea gardens,so you can enjoy an all-natural cup — something you can’t find in other off-tasting, chemical-filled black teas.

天福茗茶 小圆罐普洱茶 普洱茶云南大叶种普洱茶

There is no astringency, brisk and fresh sweetness.

65 g | 低至 $19.99

普埃茶是一种氧化茶。可根据氧化工艺合格为生茶和成熟茶。生茶是用传统方式氧化的。而成熟的茶增加了人工步骤,以加快 pu-erh 的老化和氧化。你可以认为普埃茶是葡萄酒,随着时间的推移味道更好。成熟的茶富含对消化、心脏健康和大脑健康有作用的茶。这导致成熟的茶更红褐色。不需要牛奶或蜂蜜,它几乎酒的特点使它成为一个独立的茶。味道醇厚而光滑,回味中甜味

天福茗茶 贡眉白茶 正宗白茶鲜叶 家居办公旅行茶品

First flush.Sweet and smooth,no astringency

100 g | $19.99

-soft and mellow sweet flavor without any trace of bitterness.
-This is composed of tender tea a precious white tea,and is processed by a traditional technique.
-Production comes from authentic Fuding white tea

天福茗茶 早春龙井茶 浙江新昌龙井绿茶春茶

Entry-level for daily drink

50 g | $20.49

Finest quality – Made of 100% whole loose tea leaves cultivated from single origins.
Delicious and healthy - Made without artificial ingredients,natural antioxidants.
Great-tasting with a fresh flavor, smooth taste and enticing aroma.Enjoy it as traditional hot tea or iced tea. Packed with aluminum foil lining to maintain freshness

天福茗茶 普洱茶熟茶 云南大叶七子饼 陈年普洱

Yunnan ancient wild tree,weight control

327 g | $21.99

-Aged pu-erh tea boasts a deep bold body that is smooth & earthy with hints of malt.
-Morning afternoon or evening-it's always a perfect time to savor a cup of this richly flavored, aromatic, energizing tea.
-Enjoy it as a coffee alternative or as your tea time cupper with or without honey and milk.

天福茗茶 菊花茶 胎菊 正宗浙江桐乡 杭白菊 菊花 花草茶 100G

Caffeine free,supportive,gentle

100 g | $24.49

These chrysanthemum buds come from Hangzhou white chrysanthemum flowers, one of China’s four famous chrysanthemum types.
We select only the brightest whole buds and follow natural steaming and drying process to retain their delicate flavours and floral aromas.After being brewed in hot water, they bloom and give off an attractive fragrance

天福茗茶 铁观音正宗安溪茶叶铁观音沉香型乌龙茶叶180克茶叶

Warm roasted aroma, floral and fruity

180 g | $24.99

Tieh Kwan Yin fan’s love.Roasted at the highest heat.As the water evaporates,giving the leaves the purest,richest aroma - a caramel,floral and fruity aroma.

天福茗茶茶叶铁观音 安溪茶叶铁观音 新茶乌龙茶礼盒装180g

Well-balanced roast and floral flavor

180 g | $24.99

A well-balanced cup.The more heavily roast develops more warm spice notes.You'll notice accents of honey, toasted grain, but with a more woodsy character.

Loose White Peony White Tea Pouch

Fresh honeyed sweetness with floral and fruit notes

30 g | $24.99

-From Fuding: one of the first early Bai Mu Dan teaproduction regions.
-Smooth & mellow taste with sweetness
-It is pure tea, dried naturally, without any processing


Mellow,smooth,sweet in aftertaste

180 g | $24.99

-Pu-Erh Tea is a black tea variety, which have powerful antioxidant properties
-Mellow and smooth,sweeteness in aftertaste
-Full-bodied,The soup presented is rich in mahogany color

天福茗茶 大红袍茶叶 武夷岩茶 正宗原产乌龙茶礼盒装150g

Warm roasted aroma, floral and fruity

150 g | $28.99

Wuyi Mountain is one of the most famous tea production area that boasts premium oolong tea and black tea. The high-quality oolong tea produced from the Camellia sinensis tea plants that adapted to the rocky cliffs.Half-oxidized for a sweet,warm and rich taste,the characteristic mineral-rich flavor mellow into deep nuances of fruit or floral tones over time.Each steep palate produces a slightly different taste.


Deeply floral, honey and juicy

60 g | $29.99

Delicious and Healthy - Natural herbs infuse this oolong tea with their calming sweetly fruity scent combining the antioxidant power of tea with the good mood enhancing.
Finest Quality- Natural herbs blended with whole loose leaf,no broken leaves and fannings.

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