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  • Early Morning Stimulant

    One of the most common uses for green tea is as an early morning stimulant or drowsiness aid. For this purpose, 1-3 cups is sufficient depending on the quality. When it comes to caffeine, using the minimum effective dose is important in order to not build up caffeine immunity. It’s best not to abuse the use of green tea for this purpose.

    Dosing: 1-3 cups in the morning

  • Cognitive Aid

    Right in-line with green tea’s use as a stimulant is how it can be used to improve cognition. By promoting strong alpha brain wave activity, green tea can function as an adaptogen, perking up or calming you down depending on your pre-existing brain wave patterns. The best decisions are made when calm and relaxed, and green tea drops you right into this alpha flow state, which can last for several hours even from just a single cup.

    Green tea is great for meditation in this way. When the brain is calm it is easier to slip into deep meditative states of mind, and green tea keeps you from getting tired in the process of doing it!

    Dosing: 1-5 cups throughout the day

  • Skin Healer

    Just as green tea heals the gut, it can also help improve skin conditions, as skin problems are typically a secondary factor downstream from gut problems. For certain conditions such as acne or aging, green tea can be applied topically for effective treatment. Less is known on how green tea can improve other skin issues such as psoriasis or eczema, so self experimentation can be done.

    Dosing: 1-3 cups. Topically, made into a paste applied directly