The sweeping benefits of tea are many, and it only becomes a blessing in the cold season. Here are some important teas that should become a part of your life, especially during winter:

Chamomile Tea: The queen of herbal teas, chamomile has the ability to relax your mind, get rid of inflammation from bug bites and reduce dark circles. The relaxants present in this tea helps ease winter time anxiety.

Rose Tea: Winter coldness can bring about uneasiness and raise the blood pressure of some. Rose Tea can help relieve the holiday stress and stabilise your blood pressure.

Red Jujube Tea :A naturally energising blend, Red Jujube Tea stimulates blood circulation, speeds up digestion and enhances immunity. The stronger taste of this tea cures sore throat and helps subside cough and chest congestion.

Whether you’re looking for a warm cup of spice or a calming tea, there are unlimited choices to go for. The abundant benefits of tea give us a better option than running back and forth between the doctor’s clinic and the pharmacy.