Just T- XueHuan Jasmine, Nu Er Huan,“Daughter's Ring”

    Nu Er Huan, which means “daughter’s ring”, is a type of artisan tea. The source of this tea is from young, tender single buds of green tea and hand-curled into ring shapes, hence the name. Then, in order to become jasmine tea, the ring shaped green tea is scented with fresh jasmine flower, our tea artisans utilize their skills to commingle jasmine flowers with the green tea properly. The tea absorbs the aroma of the jasmine flowers. They don’t separate until the flowers wither. The process is to be repeated another seven times in order make sure the green tea gets full absorption of the aroma of the jasmine.

  • Dry Leaf

  • Young, tender single buds of green tea and hand-curled into ring shapes
  • Aroma

  • The jasmine fragrance with last long and the room will be filled with this wonderful flower aroma
  • In the Cup

  • Yellowish and bright
  • Taste

  • Smooth and mellow, highly refreshing and a quick sweet aftertaste.

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