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天福茗茶 安溪茶叶铁观音 特级悠然 清香型乌龙茶

Brand star, sold over 4 million

100克 | $24.99

This premium anxi tieh kwan yin was launched in 2006, and has been highly sought after for 15 years. Tea leaves are picked in the birth place of tieh kwan yin - Anxi couty.After light roastery,the tea are packed with a delightful orchid aroma with a clean,sweet taste.

天福茗茶 台湾金萱茶 台茶12号高山茶乌龙茶 原装小桶装75g

75克 | $18.69

TenFu's Jin Xuan is another type of classic Taiwan oolong, belonging to a category of tea often termed milk oolong for its sweet, creamy taste. However, this particular Jin Xuan is special and unique in that its milky aroma and flavor are entirely natural, with no added flavoring.

天福茗茶 用情桂花乌龙茶 乌龙茶茶叶 桂花花茶 罐装100G

100克 | $35.99

This Osmanthus Oolong is composed of oolong scented with freshly picked osmanthus flowers. Without artificial flavoring, the rich osmanthus floral flaovr is entirely natural. The osmanthus oolong tea concocts a perfect coupling of strong floral scent and the natural mellow taste of oolong tea.

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