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天福茗茶 大红袍茶叶 武夷岩茶 正宗原产乌龙茶礼盒装150g

Warm roasted aroma, floral and fruity

150 g | $28.99

Wuyi Mountain is one of the most famous tea production area that boasts premium oolong tea and black tea. The high-quality oolong tea produced from the Camellia sinensis tea plants that adapted to the rocky cliffs.Half-oxidized for a sweet,warm and rich taste,the characteristic mineral-rich flavor mellow into deep nuances of fruit or floral tones over time.Each steep palate produces a slightly different taste.


Deeply floral, honey and juicy

60 g | $29.99

Delicious and Healthy - Natural herbs infuse this oolong tea with their calming sweetly fruity scent combining the antioxidant power of tea with the good mood enhancing.
Finest Quality- Natural herbs blended with whole loose leaf,no broken leaves and fannings.

天福茗茶 冻顶乌龙茶台湾高山茶 正宗清香型茶叶台茶150g

Taiwan TenRen origin,entry-level for daily drink

150 g | $31.99

Taiwan Dong Ding Oolong,as well known as Tung Ting,comes from Lugu Township, Nantou , Taiwan and the hilly estate near Tung Ting Mountain above 600-800 meters.Harvested by hand and processed at dawn to ensure the freshness of tender buds.Light roasted degree endows its freshness and sweetness.

天福茗茶 普洱熟饼茶 云南特产 布朗山茶区普洱茶熟饼

2-year aged,entry-level,weight control

327 g | $52.80

-Aged pu-erh tea boasts a deep bold body that is smooth & earthy with hints of malt.
-Morning afternoon or evening-it's always a perfect time to savor a cup of this richly flavored, aromatic, energizing tea.
-Enjoy it as a coffee alternative or as your tea time cupper with or without honey and milk.

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