Perfect Tea to Cool Summer

Instant Pyramid Tea Bag:How to refresh the hot,long summer day?Just capture the essence of our instant iced tea bag.All is natural,fresh,instant,served cool or hot.

All the herbs,fruits and teas are perfectly matched to give you the best taste experience and helathy benefits.Individually wrapped in PLA-FREE tea bag,perfect for a busy morning ,tea party or bedtime.

Iced Jasmine or Rosebud Tea:Add a twist to lemonade with the fragrant floral tea base.Even if you don’t usually like floral drinks, you’ll love this one.The jasmine or rose flavor isn’t overwhelming—instead, it gives it a super subtle freshness that is a great alternative when you’re sick of the typical lemon or mint iced teas.

Iced Sweet Olive Flower Oolong:Actual sweet osmanthus flower blended with premium oolong tea leaves.Perfect for cold brew for its natrual sweetness and fragrant floral aroma.

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