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Thé taïwanais

Whole Loose Leaf Taiwan Tea 

Formosa is another name for Taiwan,meaning "beautiful island" in Portuguese.It’s safe to say that no one will ever forget the first experience trying a real Formosa tea.As the main tea produced in Taiwan is oolong, the term is almost always related to oolong tea.Formosa tea is usually described a more oxidized tea with twisted leaves, more or less branch, that give a rich and darker infusion.

Taiwan Oolong:Taiwan is producing some of the most fragrant and beautiful oolong teas in the world. The intense scent of dry Oriental Beauty leaves, sweetness, creaminess and lightness of high mountain teas and unique strong honey flavor of the Kings series may surpass every expectation you ever had of tea.

Taiwan Black:Red Jade Black Tea (Tea # 18) is rare black tea from Central Taiwan (Nantou County).The tea garden lies high in the hills in central Taiwan,where developed for Assam Black Tea production early. The superior climate enable tea leaves taste rich with a honey-like flavor note similar to milk tea.

Taiwan Jasmine:Different from other jasmine green teas,this Taiwan high mountain jasmine green tea selects tea leaves with stalks as materials.Because the tea leaves with stalks can retain a more mellow and unique flavor.

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